ADVANCED SURF CAMP with Kazuma Sunny Saita

Attention, for all experienced surfers who need a good amount of progress and want to move up to another level! Just for you, we have a well-developed advanced surf camp! Learn from a professional, get to know new surf buddies, enjoy surf sessions with all of us together held in Bali with the greatest conditions possible. We have planned some amazing surfing workshops waiting for you to learn how to strengthen yourself to make it really useful for your surfing. We will have some surfskate training for polishing techniques, we can't forget about video coaching, we will enjoy different kinds of social activities, such as a surf movie screening, which should undoubtedly kick your motivation. Anyway, we'll enjoy it all together and you will leave the camp as kick ass wave chasers!


SURF INSTRUCTORS: Kazuma Sunny Saita / Jakub Michna

LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia

PRICE: from $1250 (air ticket not included)



Accommodation with private bathroom starting from $1290.

Accommodation with shared bathroom starting from $1250.

Accomodation in typical balinese bamboo gazebos with shared bathroom from $1190.



Surfing lessons will be held under professional instructor and guide Kazuma Sunny Saita, more in our TEAM section. There will be 7 coached surf sessions with him. We will choose the most suitable spots together, always according to the current conditions. Each lesson will last 2-3 hours. Kazuma will coach you not only during the lesson itself, but will also follow up on the videocoaching analysis.


Videocoaching is a very effective method of teaching surfing. Difficult explanation of surfers mistakes can be very easily tracked in slow-motion shots, in which you instantly understand what you should improve. Filming will be captured during four sessions from a drone or regular camera by a professional cameraman, following evening will be detailed analysis of the footage with Kazuma.


Most of us were not as lucky enough to be born by the ocean or conditions are not as epic every day, surfing is a big challenge. This is why supporting so-called dry preparation is very important. Without the right training and reinforcement, you will not reach full potential and progress in surfing.

We will focus on:

  • proper stretching, mobility and body flexibility

  • functional fitness training for the development muscle parts important for advanced surfing

  • exercises for releasing critical parts important to attitude and takeoff

  • self-massage techniques

  • theoretical basics + practical exercises aimed at teaching surf techniques

  • limited momentum especially in hips part

  • Specific training focused functionally using own weight


Surfskate is one of the most important tools for surfing and improving your technique, which you can practice anywhere and anytime. At these trainings we will:

  • we will learn how to fine-tune surfing and maneuvering techniques

  • we will improve basic surf techniques – takeoff, bottom turn, carve, trimming, pumping, cutback

  • in general we will improve the coordination of the upper and lower half of the body

  • with surfskate we also strengthen our muscles – legs, core, back


For one of the lessons, we’ll take the professional water photographer with us to the waves to bring your unique moments to life. The photos will be edited and you will get them as a reminder of these moments.


We will project surfing lecture that explains everything about wave formation, surfing history, how surfboards are made and what their kinds are. Than you will learn what is the tide, what kind of wind is the best for surfing, where is possible to surf anywhere in the world and learn how to read in surf forecasts. And of course, we will theoretically guide you through all the spots on Bali.


One evening, we will create a theatre above our pool to watch not just one of surf movies to try to not only motivate you for the next waves, but also get to know each other better and enjoy good evening in the comfort of our bean bags with popcorn and some chilled drinks.


No “summer vacation” can be done without having a barbecue with friends. This is a traditional and indispensable social event for every one of our camps that you will not miss! We will give you a taste of fresh fish and seafood from the local market, complemented by our own organic vegetables or organic vegetables from local farmers.


Proper stretching before and after surfing is an extremely important part that should not be forgotten. We will stretch together as efficiently as possible every day and teach you how.


Slackline is balancing, walking and jumping on a strap fastened between two points, such as trees. This supportive activity is not only fun, but it is also very beneficial for the stability and overall strengthening of the body, which is needed for surfing. So we’ll attached the slackline in our local park or our yoga shala and try to teach you the basics of this balancing.


Just between us we give it a ping-pong tournament and the winner gets from everybody a beer, huh?


One afternoon, if the surf conditions are not the best, we will go to the nearby „hipster“ city called Canggu, where we will not go only for a great meal, but also visit a local skatepark / pumptrack.


Kazuma Sunny Saita

Kazuma Sunny Saita was born on Oahu, but was raised in Maui (Hawaii). He started surfing at the age of six and took part in the first local competitions from the age of eight. He was second in the Amateur Hawaii State Championship and is currently running professional competitions in Japan. He loves surfing and his most visited destinations are Fiji, Samoa, Mexico, Tahiti, California, Japan and Indonesia, which he has been visiting for over 10 years and it’s still his favorite one. Surfing is not only his passion but also his livelihood. Currently, Kazuma is a surf guide and instructor and manager of Lost on Maui surf shop. When he does not surf, he likes to skate, cook and eat or read. He is grateful for all the experience and great people he could experienced and got to know thanks to surfing and his lifestyle. Kazuma will guide you through seven surf lessons and analyze your rides four times from taken videos. With Kazuma you can definitely look forward to great progress in your surfing!

Jakub Michna

Jakub is our benjamin, but thanks to his tenacity, determination, diligence and strong will, he is an exceptional and absolutely indispensable member of our team. His first experience with surfing was in California more than seven years ago, but after almost four years he realized that surfing was really what he wanted to devote most of all, so he began to subdue his dream to his whole life. While traveling through various surfing destinations, he met a lot of surf coaches who were not only a great motivation for him, but also an inspiration to practice so-called “dry preparation”. Jakub became a licensed surf instructor of ASI ( in 2016 and also a rider of the World Surfskate Team. He has also been actively involved in yoga, calisthenics, handstanding, movement and functional strengthening for several years. In Prague, he regularly runs special surfing trainings and Jakub is also the editor of the surf magazine – Water and the proud founder of the SURFR project.


Bali, known as the island of gods, offers more than you can imagine. It is one of the most diverse islands in Indonesia. Beautiful beaches, rich underwater world, unique fascinating culture, countless breathtaking Hindu temples, panoramic center of the island with majestic volcano, breathtaking rice fields, welcoming residents and of course perfect surfing conditions all year around make Bali one of the most visited destinations in the world.


We live in Bali full time and run Bali Bio Villas Resort. It is a unique project in which we have combined everything we love: a healthy lifestyle, surfing, yoga and organic vegetable and fruit growing. Bali Bio Villas Resort is built in the Greek style of Santorini with elements of local Balinese architecture. The resort features a swimming pool, a place to relax or practice yoga – Yoga Shala and an organic garden which in recent time has been partly transformed into a new concept of living – bamboo gazebos – which provides all the comforts and even closer connection with the nature.

More information about accommodations including photos can be found here.


Balinese cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world. Around Bali Bio Villas you can find many local restaurants called Warung, where you can enjoy typical rice with vegetables (or meat) – Nasi Goreng or Nasi Campur, delicious fish Mahi-Mahi or a tasty local dish called Gado-Gado with peanut sauce. Our goal is to direct you to healthy and tasty meals and give you practical advice on how you can replace some unhealthy food with something that is just as tasty or even tastier and much healthier! Remember that „you are what you eat“ and „you feel what you eat.“

The price includes:


Participants of our camp will have a continental breakfast (sweet or salty) in the fridge every morning, along with a bowl full of local fruit and vegetables to be prepared by their own. However, from our experience, most of the time are breakfasts created by all campers and the beginning of the day is really joyful and cheerful.


No “summer vacation” can be done without having a barbecue with friends. This is a traditional and indispensable social event for every one of our camps that you will not miss! We will give you a taste of fresh fish and seafood from the local market, complemented by our own organic vegetables or organic vegetables from local farmers.



Transport to the destination are not included in the price of the camp. Tickets are dealt with by the participants themselves.

Here are tips for finding the best tickets: | | | |


All campers have automatic scooters with surf racks available throughout the camp.


Airport shuttle is not included in the price of the camp. If needed, we can arrange transportation for you.


Beyond the package we are able to fulfill almost any wish. However, the most common ones are:

  • Transport from/to the airport

  • Trips around the island (during or before/after the camp)

  • Accommodation before and after the camp (either at Bali Bio Villas or other places on the island)