YOGA SURF CAMP Kristina Klimova

Date: 03. 11. – 13. 11. 2020

Představte si dovolenou v tropickém ráji, ze které se vrátíte jako vyměnění, plní energie a elánu do života. Bali je pro milovníky jógy i surfingu skutečným rájem na Zemi a spojení těchto dvou sportů dává opravdový smysl. Je jedno, jestli jste ještě nesjeli svou první vlnu nebo nevíte, co je pozdrav slunci, kemp je totiž koncipován jak pro pokročilé, tak i pro úplné začátečníky. Nejdůležitější je vždy nadšení a zájem objevovat něco nového. Program kempu je nejen o pohybu, ale také o vytouženém odpočinku, zábavě, cestování, poznávání místní kultury a tradic, jídla a všeho, co “ostrov Bohů” nabízí.



(The discount applies to all applications sent to 31. March 2020).


YOGA SURF CAMP 2020 Kristina Klimova held on schedule from 03. 11. until 13. 11. 2020.


Accommodation in a room with private bathroom for 19 900 CZK .
Accommodation in a room with a shared bathroom for 18 900 CZK .


The discount is automatically calculated for all, who shall send your application to 31. March 2020!

On our camp you can go, despite, that you do not want to use yoga and surf lessons, e.g. jako doprovod někoho ze zúčastněných. For such cases, we have the following package:

Accommodation in a room with private bathroom for 12 900 CZK .
Accommodation in a room with a shared bathroom for 11 900 CZK



During the camp held a total of 10 lekcí. Lessons will qualified instructor Kristina Klimova, More in this section OUR TEAM. During your stay in Bali will be available morning and evening yoga classes. Each lesson lasts 60 min.

Yoga classes in various styles: Ashtanga Yoga | Vinyasa yoga | Fit & Slim Power Yoga

  • cleansing techniques and diet suitable for practicing yoga
  • training and practice breathing exercises - pranayama
  • korekce vain jógových, individual assistance in them and practice proper techniques positions
  • acquaintance with Dr., The symbolism and traditional rituals in yoga

Morning lessons will focus on:

  • relaxation and energy flows throughout the day
  • to awareness of your breath, posture not only on the mat, but during the day
  • develop inner strength and balance
  • kick-metabolism

Evening classes will be devoted to the special blocks - workshops:

  • clone a position
  • sun Salutations
  • opening the hips
  • strengthening the center of the body, vzpory a balance, jumps and standing
  • talk about yoga, the detoxification of the body, improve fitness
  • Ayurveda and Meditation


During the camp you have three surfing lessons under the guidance of professional instructors. Each lesson lasts 90 min., of which 30 min. theory and 60 min. practice in the ocean. We always go, where the most ideal conditions are for you and we will never let you go into the waves without an experienced instructor. Providing all equipment is a sure thing. However you can do surfing as you wish even out of given lessons.


Engaging lecture on surfing, that will illuminate all of the waves, about the history of surfing, how surfboards are manufactured and what are their types. Furthermore Learn, why tides, what the wind is favorable for surfing, where everywhere in the world surfs and learn how to read surf forecasts.

breathing Meditation

We introduce you to breathing meditation named Ananda mandala, která podporuje uvolnění blokujích energií v enegetických kanálech a čakrách. Napomáhá vzestupu do vyšších stavů vědomí, It relaxes the mind and naturally develops intelligence and love. Each brings such benefits, which is important and necessary for the promotion and development. It works quite unique and intelligent way to, so we teamed up with the truth of our own being. Also activated our primordial power Kundalini, which is responsible for our full spiritual awakening, connection with our essence and enlightenment.

VISIT traditional Balinese VILLAGES

We go with you on a trip to a traditional Balinese village, where they will learn about the locals with their unique culture, show you, how to live, how to prepare traditional dishes, try to plant rice paddies and farm and finally awaits yoga lessons with a local instructor.


One evening we invite you to a joint vécu, which we will introduce local cuisine in the stylish restaurant. Balinese cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world, So you have to really look forward to!

Trips around the beaches of the south BALI

In the south of Bali are beautiful beaches around the island. All are near to 10 km from our resort. The nearest beach is remote 2 km titled Green Bowl or similar distance sacred Melasti Beach. A number of other with we try to visit, but believe us, that it does not really one camp.


No "summer holidays" can be done without a bbq with friends, this is a traditional social event of each of our camps, which you cannot miss! We'll let you taste fresh fish and seafood from the local market, complemented by organic vegetables grown by us, or organic vegetables from local farmers.


On the way to surf lessons to build the world's Outlet store surf brands, where you can buy clothes and sports equipment at unbeatable prices.


The program is really packed, even though we think your rest and recover and you have yourself in a crowded itinerary and one day, which is only yours - a day off, by which you can furnish your own pleasure.


Our goal is to lead you to healthy and tasty meals, or. give you practical tips, how to replace less healthy foods for something, that is just as tasty or even tastier, but healthier! Remember, that "you are, what you eat” and “according to, what you eat, you also feel."


Participants of our camp will have a continental breakfast every morning in the fridge along with a bowl full of fruit and veggies, from which they will prepare breakfast on their own. From our experience, breakfast is usually created by everybody all together so the day begins joyfully and happilly.


No "summer holidays" can be done without a bbq with friends, this is a traditional social event of each of our camps, which you cannot miss! We'll let you taste fresh fish and seafood from the local market, complemented by organic vegetables grown by us, or organic vegetables from local farmers.


The first evening we invite you to a joint vécu, which we will introduce local cuisine in the stylish restaurant. Balinese cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world.

In the nearby resort of Bali Bio Villas will find plenty of local restaurants so. Warungů, where you can enjoy such. typical rice with vegetables (or. and meat) - so. Mixed Fried Rice ÄŤi, tasty fish called Mahi-Mahi or a delicious dish called Gado Gado-with peanut sauce.


Kristina Klimova

Do not be fooled – this seemingly young girl, despite her age, already sufficiently experienced yoga instructor, which leads its class as. Yoga studio in Brno-D and has had several of its own “Yoga surf camps” in Spain under the auspices of our travel agency PLAYGROUNDTRAVEL.CZ. Kristina “collapse” yoga for more than five years ago. She studied at the School of Yoga Jary Pavko and also draws heavily from their yoga designs, such as. Veronika Ševčíková, and also visited many workshops of various foreign lecturers such as. Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams, Petri Räisänen nebo Manju Jois. Kristina is studying not only yoga, but also all, goes with it – Ayurveda, breathing techniques, cleansing techniques and meditations, However, with regard to Yoga, její specialize in Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Kristina lessons to bear on the wave of breath, They are energetic and smooth. In addition to yoga Kristina dedicated to horse riding and her dog. She loves spending time in nature, travel and in recent years between her passion got the surfing, which naturally affiliated with yoga lesson in so. “surf-yoga” which leads with enthusiasm in his native Brno.

Jan Smicka

Jan is a professional instructor ISA and Champion of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in surfing. He is co-owner of travel agency Playgroundtravel, which has organized dozens of surf and snowboard camps around the world. Jan preferes healthy lifestyle and tries to work on himself. Last years he has been actively practicing yoga, but you can find mainly in the waves of Bali, where he lives, but also he flies to the mountains for his other passion - snowboarding. Jan is also an enthusiast of Wim Hof Method, certified meditation lector and also a therapist of the RUŠ method, also you can meet him when you seek for help with mental or physical difficulties. Thanks to his talent, high experience with the leadership and coaching, a good dose of patience, sense of humour and friendly attitude he is just a top lecturer.


Bali the island of Gods, offers more than you can imagine. It is one of the most diverse islands across Indonesia. Beautiful beaches, rich underwater world, unique fascinating culture, countless breathtaking Hindu temples, panoramic center of the island with majestic volcano and the all around rice fields, friendly people and of course perfect conditions for surfing for all levels of experience all year round, makes Bali one of the most visited destinations in the world.


We permanently live in Bali and run Bali Bio Villas resort. This is a unique project, where we have combined everything, what we love: healthy lifestyle, surfing, yoga and growing organic vegetables and fruits. Resort Bali Bio Villas is built in Santorini greek style with elements of balinese architecture. The resport has a swimming pool, a place to relax and practise yoga - Yoga Shala and organic garden.

For more information, see THE SPACE.



Transporation to the place is not included in the price of camp. Tickets are handled by participants themselves.

The price of a return ticket Prague - Bali (Denpasar) is from 17 000 CZK . You can fly comfortably with one transfer in Dubai or Doha with Emirates or Qatar Airways, but expect a slightly higher price approx. 20 000 CZK . If, you do not mind a longer transfer. Shanghai, China, at the airport in both directions, You can save significantly and fly around for a price 13 000 eg CZK. with China Eastern. This offers the possibility to fly from Prague or Vienna to Jakarta (island Java), Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, Then the ticket cost 15 000 CZK and flight to Bali and back will cost at least around 2 000 CZK , which is particularly suitable for those of you, who want to visit some Asian metropolis.

Here are some tips for finding tickets: | | | | | |


Transportation to / from the airport is not included in the price. We can conveniently arrange it for you.


The price of the camp is for eight days available vehicle with driver. The car can be used for trips to nearby beaches, surfing lessons, restaurants, go shopping, trips etc.. One day in the program free, On this day, each participant provides transportation and program their own. For the procurement of transport, please do not hesitate.


Beyond the package, we are able to fullfil almost any wish. The most common include:

  • Airport Shuttle / from or to the airport
  • Surfboard rental
  • Trips around the island and further (during the camp, but also after it)
  • Accommodation before and after the camp (either at Bio Bali Villas or at other places on the island)